Every now and then, a fashion show has more street style than the streets that surround the venue. That was the case with Vetements—the emerging label, which held its show in the Belleville part of Paris, far from the studied elegance of the 16eme arrondissement. Not all the 42 models were pros, in keeping with the label’s collective and gritty ethos.

In my video, there’s an interview with one of the models who was scouted on Instagram. I also chatted backstage with Inge Groenard, the show’s lead artist from M.A.C Cosmetics. She told me working for Vetements and creating a look that she described as “raw”—was her “cup of tea.”

“It was all about keeping their imperfections because they are very beautiful,” she said. “We are working with a strong casting of 42 people and they’re here because of their face so why would we hide the imperfections that make them beautiful? If there were a couple of pimples, we kept them. If they had darker circles, we kept them. We freshened them a bit with the M.A.C Waterweight Foundation, which is almost invisible and some highlights and that’s it. The skin was also well hydrated and cleaned, but raw. All the faces are really strong and interesting. I prefer that to all the perfect beauties.”



If Dior is considered fashion royalty, then it’s appropriate the mise en scene for today’s collection at the Louvre’s Cour Carrée courtyard was coloured royal blue and purple – thanks to some 300,000 delphinium flowers, which were used to cover the man-made mountain that surrounded the entrance. I had a chance to go backstage to see how the magic came together and to chat with Redken global creative director Guido Palau about a pony he described as “pure and puritanical.” “It’s a slightly Edwardian,” he said. “Yet it’s also about the future idea of beauty, but not future scary.” The hero product? The new Diamond Oil from Redken.

PS I know I promised I’d stick to 45 seconds, but I felt Vetements and Dior deserved at around 60 seconds. Next up? Backstage with Haider Ackermann and Acne…


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