There’s definitely a disco party theme developing here at Paris Fashion Week — from Manish Arora to Masha Ma and now Giambattista Valli. For beauty #inspo M.A.C Cosmetics artist Val Garland imagined how women would look if they stepped out of a glittery disco shower. “Giambattista wanted the girls to look fresh faced,” explained the veteran backstage makeup artist. “But then we chose 11 girls who would come out of a disco shower.”
They used 11 different shades of glitter and the application was surprisingly simple, according to Garland. She used M.A.C Mixing Medium Eyeliner on the area of the eye where she wanted to create an elliptical tear shape just above the socket. She then used a concealer brush to apply the glitter. “Bish, bash, bosh and it just stays there!” she said. For the dewy “gym skin” look, Garland used her favourite M.A.C Studio Waterweight Foundation. “That’s what makes this look modern,” she said. “If the skin had been matte and there was the glitter would look like a pastiche of  the ‘70s. This moves the look forward.” So, before your next “Boogie Wonderland” all-nighter, check out today’s backstage video shot on my iphone6s. (I also chatted with Celine’s Fall 2015 new face, Karly Loyce. Find out what the biology student from Martinique thinks of her disco-shower look.)



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