Meet the world’s best Boyfriend
I met my new Boy.Friend yesterday and he had all the time for me in the world. In fact, I literally had him wrapped around my wrist. And I was totally smitten with his elongated octagonal face. Did I mention he comes with a satin or polished finish? He’s from Chanel’s Le Premiere watch collection and it was love at first sight. We met at the Chanel pop-up shop in New York, but you can find your own Boy.Friend at Chanel boutiques nationwide.

Derek Lam’s ode to Nina Simone
Nina Simone—the American singer, songwriter and civil rights activist—was Lam’s muse this season. His gorgeous trumpet skirts and oceanic dresses captured her spirit. Each piece was as breathtaking as it was wearable and I loved how the leather was manipulated to move with the body like air, especially #11—a ginger suede coat that was the show stopper.

Hood by Air shook us alive
Talk about switching things up! This show opened with a model walking backwards onto the runway in a jumpsuit-like smock. The collection continued to play with the unexpected: gender lines were blurred—men wore heels and the models sported pre-blended contouring makeup. Perhaps it was a commentary, sans judgement, on our relentless pursuit for perfection.

Prabal Gurung designed from the Heart
The 2015 earthquake in Nepal left its moving imprint on Prabal Gurung’s collection this season. The show opened with Monks focused in prayer and the collection that followed was a fluid, radiant dream with long dresses in sun-coloured hues. Tulle and silk made welcome appearances, with embroideries and textiles acting as a reminder of memories, life and strength.

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