LARA CERONI, Senior Web Editor, ELLE Canada

Day Before: I get a facial, mostly because I know I’m not going to have much time to sleep, eat properly, or drink a lot of water. I find it a great way to ease into the madness of fashion week. That 1.5 hour appointment clears my mind and let’s me have a moment for me before I hit the ground running.

Three Essentials: My Moleskin notepad, a bag of almonds (because food is non-existent) and my Blackberry. Admittely, I’m not a huge "tweeter" during fashion week: everyone does it and, no matter the originality of your voice, it’s redundant. I do like to take candid snaps with my camera, though, of whatever I find inspiring in that moment. 

Fashion Week Style: I appreciate those people who just go for it, and those that veer on the theatrical, but because I’m going to the shows straight from work, I tend to opt for clothes that have a great shelf-life and will last my 10-12 hour workday. I’m a bit obsessed with sheath dresses at the moment (especially those from BCBG). I love the ease and fluidity of the silhouette, so I’ll wear reincarnations of that paired with my tried-and-true leather jacket and a great pair of booties. I’m likely not going to be snapped for any street style photo galleries because of how simple the look is, but that’s ok. I feel put together without giving the impression I ripped my closet apart trying to find that perfect outfit.

What I will play with is accessories (those that know me know I’m absolutely fanatical about jewelry). I’m actually trying to budget my finances so I can buy all of Dandi Maestre’s recent collection. The entire lot.

Go-To Shoes: Finsk gold, snakeskin platform heels. Ridiculously high, but incredibly comfortable. I’ll likely wear those the entire week.

Can’t Wait To Wear: Anything from Denis Gagnon. Absolutely anything. I adore that man.

Emergency Beauty Kit:
MAC blotting papers, Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist and NARS "Angelika" lip gloss.

Fashion Week Pet Peeve:
Major attitude. I loathe that notion of the more attitude you convey, the more respect you seemlingly deserve. We’re all in this game together, so let’s support each other and drop the drama.

Post Fashion Week Wind-Down: Gym, wine, sleep. Repeat.

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Julia-Seidl-Stylehog-com.jpgJULIA SEIDL, Creative Director,

Day Before: I research the designers whose shows I’m attending so I get an idea of what to expect on the runway, and I remind myself not to lose sight of the fact that it’s only five days: it’s only five days!!

Three Essentials: My Canon SLR camera (with fully charged batteries), a secret stash of Kashi bars hidden in my purse (for energy) and my BlackBerry Torch for tweeting, of course.

Fashion Week Style: Since it is fashion week, you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to your sartorial choices. I usually mentally plan my outfits out a week or so in advance and I always make sure to include a few statement pieces. I always say I’m going to try to dress a bit more comfortably but that never really works out.

Go-To Shoes:
At the start of the week I’m all about the heels. My nude Alexander McQueen croc-heeled pumps and my suede Topshop lace-up wedges are definite go-tos, but by the end of the week my feet are always craving something a little flatter. This year I hope it’s warm enough to wear my new Miu Miu croc oxfords (sans socks) that I scored for 70% off!

Can’t Wait To Wear:
My new black and white striped Joe Fresh tees (I bought two because I knew they would become a favorite) and my soon-to-arrive vintage Burberry trench.

Emergency Beauty Kit: Blistex Lip Medix—the air is always so dry at Fashion Week and my lips need all the moisture they can get. And John Frieda’s Anytime Volume Refresher Dry Shampoo because sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the AM for a proper shampoo!

Fashion Week Pet Peeve: The lack of food at the venue—fashion people need to eat too!

Post Fashion Week Wind-Down:
I try to take the weekend to do something that doesn’t involve fashion so no surfing or, no trips down Queen Street, no trolling for the latest gossip. That lasts for about a day.

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Amanda.jpgAMANDA LEW KEE, Designer

Day Before: I spend time with my family and friends, get a good nights rest, and have a hearty breakfast the morning of my show.

Three Essentials:
My Blackberry, comfortable 5-inch wedges and The Fashion Collective—Kate, Brian and Dwayne are so important for all the intricacies that go into the show’s production and marketing.

Fashion Week Style: Style before comfort. Fashion week only happens twice a year.

Go-To Shoes: Sam Edelman wedge bootie from Jacflash.

Can’t Wait To Wear: Black mesh paneled leggings from my FW’11 collection.

Emergency Beauty Kit: Maybelline New York Waterproof Liquid eyeliner, Clinique concealer and powder to cover up the bags under my eyes from having no sleep and blue lipstick from Makeup For Ever.

Fashion Week Pet Peeve: Kitten heels.

Post Fashion Week Wind-Down: Last season I celebrated with my family and friends over dinner at Bohmer. This year I’ll be having an official after-party hosted by myself, The Fashion Collective and Jacflash.

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PhilipSparks-BioPhoto.jpgPHILIP SPARKS, Designer

Day Before: I actually try to just keep myself busy. For me, the hardest part is when I’m waiting.

Three Essentials: I try to make sure I have a fresh haircut and that I have all of my clothes back from the cleaners. And someone always remembers to put a glass of bubbly in my hand backstage.

Fashion Week Style:
I take it day by day and wear what I feel like wearing on each day—it lets me feel at ease with myself. I know people who sketch out the outfit for each day of the week and stick to it like routine. I’m jealous that they can do that but it’s not for me.

Go-To Shoes: My go-to shoes would have to be a pair of camel brogues—we did a two-tone option this spring that are to die for.

Can’t Wait To Wear: Hmmm, just colour in general, I know we are showing Fall, but I’m really ready to move on with the present spring. (I’m ready for the weather to go with it, too.)

Emergency Grooming Kit: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil, gum, a toothbrush and John Varvatos’ Vintage scent.

Fashion Week Pet Peeve: Getting into shows. I’m usually so busy preparing for mine that I forget to RSVP for others.

Post Fashion Week Wind-Down:
I have to say this is the hardest part. After being so busy for such a long period of time leading up to the show, it’s really hard to wind down. Attending other shows is a good way to wind down and reflect. You feel the stress lift as the week goes on (but then again I don’t have to submit stories every night like a lot of other people at the shows).

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kate-supreme-6197.jpgKATE SOMERS, Elmer Olsen Models

The Day Before: The day before fashion week, no matter where in the world I happen to find myself, I take the time for a nice sit-down dinner because I know that for the next while, many of my meals will be grab-and-go, rushing from one appointment to the next! When I’m in Toronto, my Mom and I take a girl’s night at Fresh on Queen Street (I love their Beach Bowl) then maybe stop at Greg’s Ice Cream on the way home for a scoop of their burnt marshmallow flavour. A good meal, good company and good conversation always put me in the right mood for fashion week.

Three Essentials: My iPod (loaded with Xiu Xiu, Smog, Under Byen, Tom Waits and Chan Marshall), coconut oil (I use it every night to keep my skin hydrated) and good people to surround myself with in the evenings to motivate me through my busy days.

Fashion Week Style: Being comfortable is key and Alexander Wang’s cotton dresses and tops are the coziest for travel, castings AND off duty. Once I enter the Alexander Wang store in Soho, I can never be held responsible!

Go-To Shoes: My worn-in motorcycle boots. I’ve worn them so much, I’ve walked holes in the bottom and they’ve needed to be resoled twice!

Can’t Wait to Wear:
My new Alexander Wang cropped black dress—light and airy, it’s perfect with my motorcycle boots and a few bangles.

Emergency Beauty Kit: Coconut oil to moisturize my skin; Neosporin to keep my lips moisturized (an amazing tip given to me backstage by a makeup artist!); La Roche-Posay hydrating mist because travel really dries out your skin; Biore makeup remover wipes for a quick remover fix post show or post flight; and Embryolisse moisturizer—every model swears by it!

Fashion Week Pet Peeve: Its very important for me to be on time, so my biggest pet peeve is the scheduling conflicts!

Post Fashion Week Wind-Down: The first thing I do is hit up a yoga studio with my mom like we used to do every Saturday before I moved to New York. Then I’d meet my two closest friends at the Drake Hotel for brunch. Catching up is always incredibly relaxing and we can sit there for hours chatting. After that, we’d spend the afternoon wandering through Kensington market (I always grab a vegan muffin from Urban Herbivore—they’re the best!) and I’d spend the rest of the day with my family, having a barbeque or making pizza, followed by a chill evening with a movie and a giant mug of peppermint tea.

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