Photo courtesy of Chanel.

I’m drenched in a less-than-fashionable sheen when I sit down with Gisele Bündchen at Chanel’s afterparty for a quick chat about the label’s Cruise show in Cuba. Here’s how it all went down. 



Selfie or it didn’t happen! 


JS: “Sorry, Gisele, I’m as hot as hotcakes right now! I’m trying to keep this Chanel cardigan on.”

GB: “Girl, take this off now.” [Gisele starts to undress me—well, she takes off my cardigan and unbuttons my shirt a little.]

JS: “Gisele is undressing me?! We’re both Brazilians, so I guess this makes sense.”

GB: “Listen, it’s about comfort. If anybody says anything to you, say it’s my fault.”

JS: “Okay, you’re right. I feel better now.”

GB: “Exactly. You’re sexy like that.”

JS: [Did Gisele just call me sexy?!] “So what’s your first impression from the show tonight?”

GB: “I just loved it. I love being in nature—that’s my thing. If I could just live in a tree, I would. I loved it when it started raining a little bit—it was like clearing the air. I was in heaven. The show felt very special, very different from every fashion show I’ve ever seen. It felt very relaxed.”

JS: “It also felt like a very different approach to styling, right?”

GB: “It was very Cuban—very colourful and very fluid.”

JS: “What was your favourite piece?”

GB: “I loved the flowy skirts and the men’s outfits.”

JS: “Me too—I wanted to wear that robe one of the male models was wearing.”

GB: “I was like, ‘Can I have that, please?’ Yeah, I thought everything was really, really cool. I loved the beige-on-beige look and the tweed and silk mixed together. It all felt very chic, ethereal—very beautiful. Oh, yeah—the pastel tweeds were also really gorgeous.”

JS: “Did you like the mix-and-match of the T-shirts in the show?”

GB: “It felt very young. And I loved the flat shoes and the yellow dress at the end. If you’re really tanned, that’s a good one. [Winks] It’s raining again, girl—let’s go! It’s time to dance!”


This story originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of ELLE Canada.