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Here’s something you may not know about me: I’m notorious for my over-the-top organization skills. But when it comes to maintaining an
organized closet, I could use a little help in the shoe department (or so my roommate tells me and everyone who visits). She’s tired of my Friday night rants: I can’t find my other shoe! These
ankle boots are so dirty! My fave heels don’t fit me anymore! Sound familiar? Here are five expert fashion tips for arranging your
shoe closet (and properly taking care of your shoes) from Matthew Chow, stylist at Page One Management in Toronto.
Fashion tip #1: Keep shoes in clear, stackable boxes. "I take shoes out of their original boxes and put them into clear bins that are all the same size. It keeps shoes clean and organized, and more importantly, you can see which shoes you’re reaching for," says Chow. (Side note: this technique also prevents
sets of shoes from disappearing.)
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Fashion tip #2: Group shoes into categories. One column for heels, one for flats, one for
stylish sneakers…you get the idea. "Put more commonly worn shoes toward the top so they’re easy to get to," Chow says.
Fashion tip #3: Use a shoetree/tissue paper to preserve shape. Purchase a shoetree or stuff each shoe with tissue paper to ensure they maintain their original shape. "Shoetrees help to suck moisture out from leather and can prevent cracking with patent finishes. Making sure that leathers are moisturized will help prevent dulling of colour," Chow adds.
Fashion tip #4: Always remove dust and dirt. Remember to give your shoes a rubdown
before you put them away. (This will help
office-worthy shoes last while keeping your closet neat and tidy.) "I wipe down my shoes with a damp cloth to get the dust and dirt off from walking around the city," says Chow.
Fashion tip #5: Take older shoes to a cobbler for a refresh. Once or twice a year, go through your shoe closet and select a few shoes that
need an upgrade. "Before deciding that my shoes have had their day, I’ll take them to a cobbler to replace soles and heels, buy new laces and re-stain leather," Chow says. "It’s surprising what a cobbler can do to rejuvenate an old shoe."
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