On August 24, 2006, Canada’s newest and most stylish airline unveiled its designer company uniforms at an exclusive event at Lobby in Toronto.

The collection, designed by Toronto and New York-based label Pink Tartan, seeks to evoke the glamour and style of the early days of commercial flying. With a chic assortment of apparel, including kitschy pillbox hats, shift dresses and the quintessential trench coats, the Porter stewardesses are clearly flying in style. Also notable are the pilots’ and stewards’ ensembles, sleek navy suits with crisp white shirting and elegant striped ties.

“We wanted a design partner that understood the Porter brand and could portray the style and sophistication that will be carried through the entire travel experience,” said Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines, in a press release. “Pink Tartan has exceeded these expectations and our employees will be proud to wear these uniforms and represent Porter as brand ambassadors.”

Over recent years, air transportation has taken on a more casual, at-home comfort. In lieu of cashmere sweaters and suits has come Paris Hilton-esque leisurewear and flip-flops. By embodying a “flying refined” philosophy, Pink Tartan wanted to bring back that old-world glamour with a modern sensibility.

“The opportunity to design a complete look for the launch of a new and unique airline is very exciting,” says Kim Newport-Mimran, head designer and owner of Pink Tartan. “I took inspiration from an era when travelling was elegant. The uniforms are classic styles that I have redesigned to have a modern aesthetic, taking into account every detail. The fabric, cut, styling and functionality of each piece, even down to the pillbox hat, will let people know that they are traveling in style with Porter Airlines.”

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