1. When you were young, you dreamed that you would grow up to be:

A) An astronaut

B) A news anchor

C) A princess

D) A rocker chick

E) Rich and famous

2. Your next pet will be:

A) A Tamagotchi

B) A Jack Russell terrier

C) An Allerca GD, the world’s first hypoallergenic cat (and you’re already on the waiting list)

D) Tropical fish

E) Whatever needs adopting at your local humane society

3. At the fragrance counter, the latest scent you spritz on and covet is:

A) Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote

B) Vera Wang’s Truly Pink

C) Estée Lauder’s Beautiful Love

D) Stella McCartney’s Stella In Two

E) Acqua Di Parma

4. Your favourite tabloid fashion plate is:

A) Kate Moss

B) Paris Hilton

C) Mischa Barton

D) Carine Roitfeld

E) Sienna Miller

5. The perfect man for you is:

A) David Beckham

B) John Cusack

C) Colin Firth

D) Jon Stewart

E) Doctor Who (the one with the scarf)

6. The designer It bag you must have this season is:

A) Gucci’s wet-look silver clutch

B) Roger Vivier’s Mondrianinspired python bag

C) Louis Vuitton’s lace Monogram

D) Versace’s white bucket

E) Prada’s brown Fringe

7. The sexiest Wilson on this list is:

A) Chip Wilson (founder of Lululemon)

B) Brian Wilson (former Beach Boy)

C) Luke Wilson

D) Michael Wilson (former finance minister of Canada)

E) Owen Wilson

8. When we finally take the Queen off the $20 bill, she should be replaced by:

A) Roberta Bondar

B) Marlen Cowpland

C) Karen Kain

D) Margaret Atwood

E) Helen Mirren

9. After ELLE Canada (of course), the monthly magazine subscription you can’t wait for the mail carrier to deliver is:



O, The Oprah Magazine

Harper’s Magazine


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10.Your best friend has just had a baby girl. You send:

A) Homemade tuna casserole

Where the Wild Things Are

C) A sterling-silver Tiffany rattle

D) Your condolences

E) Organic-cotton onesies

11. When she names her “Wolf,” you assume it’s to pay homage to:

A) Wolf Blitzer

B) Tom Wolfe

C) Beowulf

D) Virginia Woolf

E) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

12. When you hit the mall, the first stop is always:

A) The dollar store

B) The lottery booth

C) The photo booth

D) The record store

E) The food court

13. The latest gadget you covet is:

A) The Apple iPhone

B) That pricey turntable that converts vinyl albums into digital files

C) Bose noise-cancelling headphones

D) The White BlackBerry Pearl smartphone

E) The KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Juniper Green

14. When you reach for a classic fashion film for inspiration, it’s:


Pretty Woman

Gone With the Wind


The Women

15. When you want a Kleenexworthy tear-jerker, you rent:

Chariots of Fire

When Harry Met Sally…

Charlotte’s Web

Sid & Nancy

An Inconvenient Truth

16. Your idea of a romantic weekend getaway is:

A) Hopping on a plane to Berlin and staying up for 72 hours straight

B) Screening the entire John Hughes oeuvre and eating Pizza Pops

C) Enjoying a Shakespearean play and staying at a quaint B & B that has chintz as far as the eye can see

D) Indulging in private yoga classes and a couples massage at a luxe spa

E) Hiking in the woods and escapingto a mountain cabin — with no TV or phone

17. If you had to wear just one piece of jewellery, it would be:

A) A chronograph watch

B) A wedding band

C) A strand of pearls

D) A studded leather cuff

E) A Canadian diamond pendant

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18. If you got stuck in an elevator after hours, the one thing you would want most is:

A) Your CrackBerry

B) A big bottle of water

C) A tin of breath mints

D) The Hitachi Magic Wand

Blank Is Beautiful: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

19. Finish this sentence: “I practically live in…”

A) Pilates class

B) The suburbs

C) My makeup

D) Stilettos

E) Second Life

20. If you came into mad money, you would splurge on:

A) A personal trainer, a nutritionist, a cook and a housekeeper

B) A lavish party for everyone you know

C) A Chanel suit

D) An original Basquiat

E) A month-long trip to Thailand

21. The song you have stuck in your head is:

A) The theme from Star Wars

B) Gwen Stefani’s latest single — whatever it is

C) Dolly Parton

D) Kinnie Starr’s “La Le La La”

E) I don’t know what it’s called, but it goes like this: “____”

22. You’d race home after a blind date to catch the latest episode of this reality show:

Dragons’ Den

Rock Star: Supernova

The Bachelor

Project Runway

The Biggest Loser

23. The TV show you’re ashamed to admit you watch is:


Beverly Hills, 90210 in reruns

Days of Our Lives

World Series of Poker

Friends in reruns

24. The comic-book character you relate to most is:

A) Wonder Woman

B) Veronica

C) Cathy

D) Enid

E) Lucy

25. You prefer to burn calories by:

A) Taking a spin class

B) Taking a jog

C) Taking a pole-dancing lesson

D) Taking your boyfriend upstairs

E) Taking the stairs

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Mostly A’s: Future sport

Your look of techno-sleek mesh and gleaming silver channels
Blade Runner, as well as sports. You gravitate toward Dries Van Noten’s anoraks and Marni’s drawstring hoodie tunics — and, for a statement piece, look to Hussein Chalayan’s out-there futuristic shift. Prada’s patchwork camo interpretation of its signature nylon backpack and clear plastic carryalls amuse you, and you crave Donna Karan’s Lucite heels and Dolce & Gabbana’s strappy S&M buckles. Juma’s drop-crotch harem pants, paper-bag waists and racerback bubble jersey dresses may even inspire you to add an angular bob to your look.

Photo: Juma, courtesy of George Pimentel/WireImage.com

Mostly B’s: ‘80s flashback

You’re an extrovert and love vivid hues and edgy silhouettes that scream ’80s retro. It’s the look of fluorescent colours, cropped ‘dos, Stephen Sprouse and anything Madonna (version 1.0). Required reading?
Bonfire of the Vanities, which espouses a time when greed was good. Toronto labels Common Cloth (all Thrills-chewing-gum purple and electric blue) and Dean Horn channel the vibe, as do Jil Sander’s juicy hues and minimalist cuts, Calvin Klein’s citrus tank dresses and Lanvin’s acid-yellow anorak shifts. For accessories, there’s a Crayola box of hues: cherry-red, cobalt-blue and canary-yellow bags from Roots — just add Ray-Bans.

Photo: Common Cloth, courtesy of Common Cloth

Mostly C’s: True romance

Feminine and optimistic, you’re a daydreamer who goes gaga over vintage-look Cath Kidston prints. Your closet overflows with delicate fabrics, and this season you’ll add ballet references — like wispy skirts and demure blushpink flats. Jackets with lantern sleeves and bloom-embellished hairbands will also appeal. Your dream wardrobe has Marie Saint Pierre’s crinkled pleats and loose rosettes in black and taupe or David Dixon’s tulip skirts, tops with gathered keyhole necklines and portrait-collar jackets with lapels that look like ruffles. If you want to break the bank, there are floral-embellished frocks at Louis Vuitton and Rodarte. Just don’t wear all these elements at once!

Photo: David Dixon, courtesy of George Pimentel/WireImage.com

Mostly D’s: New wave

You’re first in line for
Factory Girl and the Jean-Luc Godard retrospective. Stefano Pilati revived the sexy power pantsuit for YSL last season and you couldn’t be happier. Androgynous, slim-cut skinny pants come in high-contrast black and white and take their cue from menswear, along with skinny or slouchy pants worn with loose vests and crisp shirts. Go for homegrown fashion artisan Zoran Dobric’s scuffed, hand-painted obis, or try Andy Thê-Anh’s skinny black rocker pants paired with a silver leather bomber trench. Gucci’s skinny trousers and closely tailored, optical-print jackets pick up Pilati’s mantle this season, as do Oscar de la Renta’s graphic black-and-white florals and Behnaz Sarafpour’s paint-spattered prints.

Photo: Zoran Dobric, courtesy of George Pimentel/WireImage.com

Mostly E’s: Eco-eccentric

You are unpredictable and free-spirited and layer your favourites from all of the above-mentioned looks, then add your own wild card: polka dots with fringe or paisley chiffon and Lucite platforms. You’re too mercurial to carve out a single style persona — it’s more fun to make it up as you go along and, lately, sustainable fashion and eco-fabrics have been on your mind. The eccentric life and personal style of art collector Peggy Guggenheim inspire you; Gwyneth’s hippie Rapunzel tresses do too. One day, you’re in Calgary designer Paul Hardy’s Poiret inspired wasabi-green cocoon dress; the next, you’re wearing Lululemon’s practical bamboo-cloth OQOQO white tee and American Apparel’s liquid gold leggings — just don’t call it nouvelle boho.

Photo: Paul Hardy, courtesy of Paul Hardy

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