The Host: Iman

BIO Born in Somalia, Iman arrived in New York in 1975.

Her first job? Modelling for fashion photographer Peter Beard for Vogue.

Philosophy "In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic." 

Why She likes hosting PRC "It showcases talent — it’s not salacious. I think we’ve had enough of that on TV."

Advice to PRC designers "Go for the gold and think global! Fashion has no borders: A beautiful dress is a beautiful dress, whether it’s from Toronto or Timbuktu."

Thou Shalt…

•"kneel to the Spanx gods: The right undergarments will give you support and definition."

• "bring colour into your life with bold accessories, whether it’s jewellery, bags, shoes or scarves."

• "believe in ‘little black dress’ magic!"

• "rock your size! Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose."

• "be a bronzed goddess. Everyone looks yummier with bronzer."

Thou Shalt Not…

• "resort to an eye job and botox when a pair of stylish, oversized sunglasses can hide a multitude of sins." • "always go for the cheap option. It’s better to invest in classics that are timelessly chic."

•" be afraid to mix fashion highs and lows. Instead, think a Chanel jacket with jeans."

• "stifle your animal instinct! A leopard or zebra print never loses its station in fashion."

• "make do with ill-fitting clothes. Always insist on getting a perfect fit through tailoring!"

The Mentor: Brian Bailey

BIO: The designer from Galahad, Alta., launched his eponymous label in 1992.

Philosophy "I don’t dress Barbie dolls; I dress real women who know what they want: great cuts, great fabrics-just beautiful clothes."

His own mentor "The late Max McLean. He sold $1,400 designer suits to farmers — no small feat back in 1974! He taught me to take risks."

Advice to PRC designers "Ask yourself the hard questions: Do you really like the design? Does it reflect your work?"

Thou Shalt…

• "wear undergarments that fit. My pet peeve is underwear lines — Why?! Why?! Why?! It’s better to go commando!"

• "pay for quality — even in a moment of fashion hysteria — because it’s worth the investment.”

• "always use an excellent dry cleaner or iron. Rumpled chic is just that — rumpled!"

• "buy a fabulous outfit on sale and keep the price to yourself! Who needs to know?"

Thou Shalt Not…

• "squeeze into a size 4 when you need a size 8. Embrace your curves!"

•"wear closed-toe shoes with a strapless gown."

•"wear sunglasses with rhinestones — even if you have been to Las Vegas."

• "wear print head to toe — ever."

•"fall in love with a man who doesn’t open the door for you!"

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