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Dec 02 2010 by
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By: Lara Ceroni
Fashion and function aren’t always synonymous with each other. Take this morning, for example. I came to the ELLE offices early sporting my most-recent
purchase. The morning was clear, crisp, with nary a snowflake in sight. My velvet, as-yet protected boots, were safe. Transport a mere hour later, and as I type this blog and look out my cubicle window, I see the streets awash with newly fallen snow… wet snow. Great. Basically I’m eating chocolate for lunch because that’s the only thing in my desk at the moment, and I’m too afraid to walk outside and get a real lunch lest I ruin these boots. Am I crazy? Or are the ladies out there with me on this one?
I think my next purchase is going to have to be the dreaded
winter boots. The
just-wear-on-the-subway-to-the-office boots that I’ve resisted for so long. I don’t know why, but I hate that concept. It reminds me of those women (who still exist, by the way) who wear running shoes with their 3-piece suits. It’s the most heinous of
fashion crimes in my opinion. I need boots that will protect me from the elements while still looking stylish. Believe it or not, I think I’ve found them. Anyone remember Cougar
boots? I know, I know, they don’t exactly scream fashion when you think of them, but the brand has reinvented them and made them more today. Take a look at these ones here:

I love them. They’re kitschy-cute and at only $75.00, a total steal. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my aesthetics for these; in fact, I think I’ve just crossed the fashion vs. function divide. Wet snow, prepare to meet your maker. What do you think? Would you buy these? Or share with us the winter boots you have purchased this new season. A girl can never have enough, right? (
$75.00; available at The Bay and Sears across Canada. For additional retailers, please visit:

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