Fanatical Fashion, TIFF-styles: Lia Sophia la belle rose collection

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TIFF touchdown

By: Lara Ceroni (Photos courtesy of Lia Sophia)
Charles Darwin likely wasn’t postulating the merits of hitting a party circuit hard when he herald his theory on "Survival of the Fittest", but after making it through Day 7 of the
Toronto International Film Festival, we’re thinking the phrase is most certainly fitting. The team at ELLE – along with our
intrepid field reporters – have worked tirelessly, nay, around the clock, attending
film screenings, checking out the
celebrity swag lounges and, of course, hanging at the plethora of
parties that have dotted the city of Toronto throughout the entire two-week festival. We’ll admit it: We’re exhausted. Sure, we’re preaching to the collective journalist choir here, but…
the enormity of festival coverage can be one wammy of a buzz-kill. ELLE’s editor-in-chief
Noreen has the mumps (ouch!), our blog contributers from are, well, hardly sleeping and the digital team (by team, I mean
Jennifer Weatherhead and
I) have subsisted on Red Bull, Joe Fresh mani touch-ups in-between subway stops and our beloved Michael Kors flats. It’s not an easy job, but as the cliché goes, somebody has to do it and, lucky for us, we’ve earned some pretty amazing perks along the way. Take Lia Sophia, for example. Any Canadian journalist out there having ever gone to one of their previews knows just how astonishingly generous their camp is (“Wait, you’re giving me
two of these bracelets??”) and their TIFF swag lounge was no exception. Scroll to see the pieces I walked away with and visit here if you would like your arms to be adorned with the same:

Stay tuned to the
ELLE Word blogs post-TIFF which will include a wrap-up on key highlights, most scandalous moments and red-carpet coverage.

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