Fanatical Fashion: The Joe Fresh Style motorcycle boot

Jul 16 2010 by
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These boots were made for walkin’…and that’s just what I’ll do.

By: Lara Ceroni, Photography courtesy of Joe Fresh Style
I’ve never been a woman obsessed with shoes (ok, maybe a
certain pair), but I definitely appreciate their caché.  Footwear – and I’m referring to the fantastical varieties; more Blahnik, less Birkenstock – can transform your look, transform your body and transform your attitude. They definitely make it easy on us: You can try them on a “fat day”; you don’t have to worry about what outfit they’ll go with (because, let’s face it, we can always find one!) and they almost always make our calves look like we did five hours’ worth of spin classes. What’s not to love, right?
Well, let me introduce you to my next serious crush: The
Joe Fresh Style motorcycle boot. I first spotted these babies at
Toronto Fashion Week during the
Fall 2010-11 presentations. As the models cascaded down the runway in chic leopard-print peacoats and nubby wool shorts there was a collective whisper amongst the peanut gallery of editors: “Where are those boots from?!” Now you know. Joe Fresh Style black leather motorcycle boots with gold and silver grommets (available in October; $159.00). Each week I’m going to be picking a piece for our
Fanatical Fashion blog to hopefully inspire you to share your favourite fashion finds. We always love to hear from you, so drop us a line in our comments section. Who knows, maybe we’ll swap shop stories! Say that three times fast. Until next time …

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