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Jan 13 2011 by
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For those of you that know me know that I’m absolutely obsessed with accessories. For those of you who follow me, you’ll remember my very first
blog post for ELLE. I was touting
this and, truthfully, I still get compliments on it (and the Hermes scarves inside!). My thoughts are constantly consumed by Vivier fantasies and Cartier dreams, but here’s my reality: I can’t buy everything I want. Gee, shocking. So imagine my surprise when, during a lunchtime surf session, I stumbled across this blog that may just help me with my addiction, whilst keeping my limited funds at bay.
Have any of you heard of this blog before? It’s called
P.S.- I made this… In one word: Amazing. The creator is New York-based Erica Domesek who has taken the concept of DIY accessories to a highly fashionable level. Think of Martha Stewart, sans the cheesy crafts. Instead, Domesek uses runways (and the ensuing trends) as her inspiration board to show her users how to create homemade accessories that are anything but budget. And don’t think this is just some random basement blogger who loves fashion (the world has enough of those!). The girl has collaborated with some very  impressive camps:
WhoWhatWear (love!),
Refinery29, not including her campaign contributions to Helmut Lang and Bloomingdales.

Love Prada’s cable knit headband from their
Fall 2010-11 runway? Domesek gives us the
step-by-step to make the most impressive knock-off.  What about Louis Vuitton’s bow-front kitten heels? Consider them
done. The list goes on and on, but I’m going to sign-off now. I’ve just discovered how to transform my bland white t-shirt into Proenza Schouler’s
tie-die masterpiece from Spring 2011. Try it out and let me know how you fair. We’ll post your before-and-after pic on our
ELLE Word blog… Fun!

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