Hermès Toronto boutique silk specialist Amra Maric gives us the techniques to create three chic knots.



Start with the 90 x 90 silk scarf open as a square.
Take one corner and fold it to the middle of the scarf.
Repeat with the opposite corner.
Take the folded corner and fold it halfway again.
Repeat with the opposite corner.
Take the folded scarf and fold it once more to the middle.
Repeat with the opposite side so the two sides of the scarf now meet in the middle.
Wrap the silk around your neck and make one side twice as long as the other.
Wrap the smaller side over the larger side and make a double knot.
Wear the scarf either in the front, side or back.



Start with a pleated silk scarf.
Take each side and fold them into the middle twice so either side meets and scarf becomes long and thin.
Wrap the pleated scarf around your neck.
Make the scarf even lengths hanging on the front of your body.
Knot the scarf once in the front with the knot quite close to the neck.
Take a small piece of silk from the middle of the remaining hanging silk on either side and knot them together twice.
Pull the scarf tightly and turn it to one side of the neck.



Start with two 90 x 90 silk scarves.
Fold each scarf directly in half so they becomes triangles.
Take one end of each triangle and knot the two scarves together.
Put the knot behind your neck.
Double knot the two scarves together on your back.
Double knot the two scarves together in the front.

Still confused? View our video to get the visual play-by-play.

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