Fall fashion essentials: Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s 5 must-haves

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Photo courtesy of Kimberley Newport-Mimran.

If anyone knows how to pare down to the absolute
fall fashion essentials, it’s the fashion designers. And not just for their runway collections this season, but in their daily IRL style and jet-set travels. "It’s all about efficiency and ease of your life," says
Pink Tartan’s Kimberley Newport-Mimran. "I also think that having key wardrobe items that you plan out properly, saves a lot of time too, so it’s simple to get dressed versus making it a complicated try-on every time you go to your closet." Newport-Mimran is all about making efficiency fashionable, so she recently partnered with Tide to create the Washable Collection that launched in Pink Tartan stores across Canada on September 19, with pieces available at select The Bay and Holt Renfrew stores nationwide. The entirely machine-washable collection features the ladylike sleekness we know and love about Newport-Mimran’s Pink Tartan, in
day-to-night transition pieces (think a sharp tech pant and LBD worthy of Holly Golightly). "To be able to wash a runway pant at home, I think is an amazing advancement."
We asked Newport-Mimran to share her 5 fall fashion essentials with us.
1. "The side zip pant. It’s very clean in the front, it’s in the washable collection. It’s tech stretch. That is my personal go-to pant."


Pink Tartan Washable Collection Tech Side Zip Pant.

2. "I also did these little skivvies. There’s nothing worse than when you see a woman wear a black T-shirt or black underpinning and it’s gone grey. I’m calling it an anchor piece. I wear it with everything, whether it’s a full ball skirt or tech pant, or for airplane travel because I can layer it with a jacket."
3. "I think that you need a statement coat  for sure, and I’ve done several in the collection, but whatever I think is your favourite statement coat is very important."
4 and 5. Her two must-have prints this season? "Animal and floral — those are the two patterns that you’ll see predominantly in my collection. I did a whole series of different animal [prints] and a beautiful statement coat in floral. It’s always having your core items and then layering on so that there’s a little bit of fashion drama, because you always want to have a little bit of
zhuzh when you’re going out."
Bonus style takeaway? "I’m also always about dressing yourself for everyday, I think that’s important so that you feel good. You should never feel like you’re under-dressed for anything because you don’t have to be."
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