Evan Biddell’s gladiator-inspired collection invades suburbia

Oct 13 2010 by
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By Nancy Won Last night I found myself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in what appeared to be a random suburban wasteland, desperately seeking anything resembling a fashion show venue. LG Fashion Week doesn’t start until next week but this year the usual one week of fashion insanity has been stretched to two thanks to a large contingent of designers who’ve struck out on their own, including
Evan Biddell whose highly-anticipated presentation was the first of the pre-fashion week bunch. By all accounts it was going to be fabulous. But I had to find it first.
As I passed a series of abandoned strip malls and sketchy stores announcing “we buy old gold!” I’d pretty much decided I had the address wrong when I spotted the sparkling lights of a ferris wheel and carousel—the fashion gods had sent me a sign! The party outside was all fun and carnival (complete with Caribana girls in skimpy parade gear) but inside was pure fashion invasion. The runway was set up in the stark industrial work space of a visual merchandising factory amidst giant bolts of fabric and an army of eery headless mannequins—the perfect setting for Biddell’s “Kingdom” collection, which was inspired by armour, gladiators and metal. Fluffy-haired models stomp down the runway while menacing war music blared from the speakers. An epic battle between fierce strength and soft innocence ensued. Stiff wire breastplates, spiked collars and chainmail inspired pieces were set against flowing black jersey, prairie florals and pretty babydoll-inspired frocks. The victor? Well, that would be us fashion lovers. The collection was signature Biddell—sexy, dramatic and edgy—definitely worth venturing to the suburbs for.

Categories: Fashion