I realize that this picture of
Eva Mendes and I is blurry (ok, way blurry) but I had seconds to snap this shot, and time (amongst other things I’ll explain in a minute) wasn’t exactly on my side when I met the star on Wednesday at the
Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California. First, the facts: If any of you caught my
post on Tuesday, Reebok invited a mass group of international journalists (
ELLE Canada scored the magazine exclusive) to L.A. for a two day press junket to meet their new face of
EasyTone; a line of athletic footwear and apparel. Eva (and, if you’re curious, her name is pronounced “
Eh-va,” not “
Ee-va.” That’s Longoria’s territory) is their Hollywood ambassador. Go figure that out of the 90 media that was invited, I had the dubious distinction of being Eva’s very last interview. Quite frankly, I walked into it thinking I was screwed. She’s going to be exhausted (understandably) after spending the last 48 hours talking to press fielding the exact same questions. Original sound bytes?