Not so mellow yellow: Super-hot couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. All photos courtesy of Getty Images.
Where: London
Wearing: Atelier Versace Well,
hello there. Emma Stone recently reminded the world of her fashion star status during her jetset European promotion of
The Amazing Spiderman. We’re talking Lanvin, Valentino and that all-eyes-on-me bright-yellow Versace—a tour de force of
red-carpet style. As well as being a pleasure to behold, it was a smart career move for Stone, who had recently ceded fashion ground to fellow starlet Emmas (
Watson and
Roberts). For now, she’s the #1 Emma. Will it last? Bonus: Stone’s co-star and boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. They walked the red carpet together and made it clear that they’re a couple—none of this leaving-and-arriving-separately business. It was refreshing. And adorable. There is one photo of them together near the London Eye that you HAVE to see. But first, friends, let’s enjoy Lanvin’s AMAZING leather take on the LBD.