Elle-Canada-live-cover-with-Emma-RobertsOur big sister pub, ELLE UK, always comes up with some amazing projects aka: #fashioncloset. They were also one of the first magazines to ever do an interactive cover shoot. I remember chatting with their EIC,
Lorraine Candy, about their live shoot with
Kristen Stewart and David Beckham. (Yes, he’s as gorgeous and charming as you’d expect.) #KristenELLE was a trending topic and it generated the highest traffic to their site ever—it even beat out the
Royal Wedding coverage. (They experienced a 231% increase in UVs and 218% increase in PVs.) Those stats are almost as impressive as that shot of David emerging shirtless from the pool. (Take a moment to reflect back on that work of art!) So… the team here at ELLE Canada were waiting for our own opportunity to test out this new social media cover strategy. It required the right star—and one who was willing to join us in bringing the experience live to our followers and hers. Needless to say, we were thrilled that
Emma Roberts was game. Today she’s inviting along her 2.64 million Twitter followers and 1.25 million
Instagram fans to join us in Los Angeles this Thursday, March 27. We’ll be doing regular
Instagram and online updates throughout the day and we invite everyone to share their opinions on what outfits and accessories Ms. Roberts should wear using the hashtag #ElleCanadaEmma. So I hope to see you all virtually this Thursday. (When we post our group selfie with Emma, let’s see if we can beat Ellen’s Oscar Twitter-crashing record.) #nopressure For more details on what’s happening on set and how you can join in,
click here. For those of you who were living under a rock and missed the shot of David…. here’s a reminder.