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Tissot Quickster Football watch in the trademark colours of Brazil, this year’s host country, ($475), at select retailers across Canada. My earliest World Cup memory is of the 1994 championship game, Italy against Brazil, my brothers and I feverishly waving our Italian flag on my nonna’s veranda to the chorus of unrelenting honks from the cars passing by. (It was, unsurprisingly, a southern Italian enclave of Toronto, so inciting rapturous support for the
Azzuri wasn’t too hard to drum up.)
It’s a sentimental fondness and national pride reignited every four years since then, which means that this year, as always, you’ll find me in blue. And since I’m not alone in my expression of national allegiance through colour during World Cup season, it makes sense that Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot, who designed a range of Quickster Football watches for the occasion, based the aesthetic on recognizable jerseys from around the globe.
Gisele Bündchen: Brazil’s top model, mother and career maven What’s more is that the limited-edition series of watches embraces the ritualistic and fanatical behaviour characteristic of diehard football fans: apart from its recognizable exterior, it has a built-in movement hand specifically designed to time football matches, including half-time and overtime, plus a date display to keep track of games this month (though you already have those memorized, don’t you?). And it comes beautifully engraved with a football (or soccer ball, dear North American readers) on the caseback. Win or lose, this is a solid addition to your colour-coordinated World Cup paraphernalia that you will have forever–kind of like the faded wounds from Italy’s loss to Brazil in penalty shoot-outs that year after Italian midfielder Roberto Baggio’s fateful crossbar shot cost us the title. Without the tears.
Tissot Quickster Football watch retails for $475 at select retailers across Canada.
To me, this watch is writ all over in Italy, but it could also represent France’s Les Bleus. I guess.
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