I’ve been a longtime fan of William Morris prints. Just flipping through the whimsical textile patterns in the pages of
William Morris By Himself: Designs and Writings (edited by Gillian Naylor) puts me in a good mood. So when I had the chance to visit the famed Liberty department store in London recently, I was thrilled to check out all the William Morris-Liberty London Collection goodies: notebooks, pencils, trays, clothing, fabrics—and even shoes and bags, thanks to a new Liberty London-Dr. Martens collab. My favourite item? This leather satchel done in a bold blue-and-green version of the famous Strawberry Thief motif that Morris created in 1883. Every time I look at the print, I picture the scene that inspired the pattern: Morris came up with the idea by watching thrushes steal strawberries from the kitchen garden of his country home in Oxfordshire. Now, with this bag, we can all have a little taste! Liberty London x Dr. Martens Collection Large Liberty Satchel ($349.99, available at
drmartens.com and at Dr. Martens stores across Canada).