I initially didn’t believe this morning’s surprise news that Nicolas Ghesquière is leaving
Balenciaga after 15 years.  I googled, skeptically, until I reached the
official press release which confirmed it. Now I feel terribly nostalgic. I’m sure the future looks bright for both Ghesquière and Balenciaga, but let’s have a moment for their beautiful history together: the aviator jackets; the skinny pants; the Fall 2006 collection with tweed suits and equestrian-inspired hats; the paper doll-like exaggerated silhouettes of Spring 2008’s floral mini-dresses—perfect updates from the voluminous archives. Then there was Fall 2012, with its array of immediately covetable irony-tinged sweatshirts and T-shirts. Ghesquière’s Spring 2013 collection—which the designer termed "the most sensual collection I’ve ever done"—was another triumph: asymmetric skirts, sculptural ruffles, and pantsuits paired with modified bras. Stay tuned for more news! Check out
our top 20 favourite Spring 2013 Balenciaga looks. Your faves?
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