skylinescarfI was in a subway-induced state of Zen when I finally clued in that I was being complimented. "I really like your scarf," a woman sitting across the car said to me (likely for the second or third time). "Oh," I said, somewhat startled that I had been caught daydreaming. "Thanks… it’s the Toronto skyline and it’s from Anu Raina, a local designer. The colours and quirky silhouettes of the buildings make me smile." For those of you who aren’t familiar with this talented textile designer, Raina casts a whimsical and poetic mirror on this city we call home. (She first became a fashion insider fave with her subway print.) This latest print is from her fall/winter 2014 collection, and it is based on memories of the Kashmir-born artist’s first fall here in the city. "I recall an experience beyond words, where it seemed someone had filled a bucket with warm hues and splashed it across the city," she wrote.
Curious to see how this print translates into a dress?