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Eco-friendly is becoming ever-so trendy and fashionable — and Canadian designers are jumping on board to make eco-friendly clothing. From haute-couture to ready-to-wear pieces, the Fashion Takes Action fashion show (September 26, 2007 in Toronto) showcased stunning creations from 10 of Canada’s leading fashion designers using natural and eco-friendly materials to make eco-friendly clothing.

Hitting the runway were eco-friendly fashions by Thien Le, Pat McDonagh, Sarah Nicol, Juma, Damzels in this Dress, Annie Thompson, Farley Chatto, Rosa Costanzo, Thieves and Ula Zukowska. The designers used and worked with fabrics that are low-impact dyed, pesticide-free, biodegradable, sustainable and organic such as bamboo, soy, hemp and organic cotton, making them all eco-friendly. But don’t think that the designs were be anything frumpy!

“We used a bamboo/cotton blend knit to create a few outfits,” says Alia Juma, one half of the design duo Juma. “Working with the material was not too different from regular knits. It is really soft.”

The designers were keen on participating and getting the chance to work with the natural fabrics and support the ever-growing eco-friendly cause.

“It feels like this is the beginning of the beginning of the end to non-environmental fashion,” says designer and participant Annie Thompson. “It feels really good to be conscious and to be demonstrating just what is possible in ‘high end green.’ Let them come in droves. Let their mind-sets be altered.”

Not only did eco-friendly designer duds hit the runway, but event organizers Kelly Drennan and Katie Lister wanted to make it the “greenest” event of it’s kind in Toronto. All aspects of the event were carefully considered to make sure that the event by left the lightest eco-footprint possible. From organic food being served, to biodegradable plates and napkins, to organic beer and wine, the event was surely the greenest and the most fashionable to date!

Tickets were $110 and a portion of all proceeds will benefit Environmental Defence, whose mission is to protect the environment and human health.

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