DIY Accessories: Proenza Schouler’s baroque-inspired necklace

Jul 25 2011 by
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P.S.- I Made Thisstrikes again!

Thanks to my go-to website, I can continue to massage my ever-growing mania for everything Proenza Schouler. It started innocently enough: I was introduced to this unique site called
P.S.- I Made This… by their editors at the beginning of the year.  The brainchild of New York-based Erica Domesek, users can DIY some of the fashion runway’s most spectacular accessories. And remarkably, it’s very easy to do (Case in point: I’m left-handed (so, strike #1) and yet I was still able to craft this
Proenza tee.)
Since that time, my good fortune continues to build. I’ve had the pleasure of
meeting the boys behind the line when they came to Toronto on a recent press junket (they’re as enigmatic and effortless as you would imagine them to be) and that’s when I first set eyes on their ivory, baroque-inspired necklace. It was hung over a mannequin draped in some of their fall 2011 pieces. Quite literally I was like a moth to a flame: Drawn to its beauty, no matter how much damage it may incur (to my VISA, that is). I didn’t buy it. In fact, I don’t even think it was for sale then (My intern is in the midst of finding out where and when
Proenza’s costume jewelry is available in Canada. Stay tuned.) In the meantime, my obsession needs to be satiated, so I’m going to attempt to make the bauble on my own, with the help of Domesek’s
step-by-step guide. Wish me — and my left-hand — luck?

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