By Emma Génier Today was another day of running around the city to many castings and fittings, but this time there was a huge challenge for me…no driver. I have completely no sense of direction. I can even get  lost in my shopping centre in my town; and there’s only 10 stores there! I think I take after my father. And he agrees! So I used Google Maps to guide me and despite the fact that everything is precisely indicated on the application and that it is almost impossible to go wrong way, I still managed to get lost. I went completely in the opposite direction of my destination and it took eight metro stops before I realized my mistake. I had to turn around and quickly! After getting used to it, I finally realized that the Paris metro is not so complicated as it seems at first glance. On the train, I love to listen to music, one of my favorite songs right now is Sugar by Maroon 5.
Today things were a little more promising for Emma during her casting call curcuit. Did she land her first runway gig?