The ELLE Canada team is committed to wearing sequins every day until December 20. 
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Tweet us your sequin pics with #sequinchallenge. One of the difficulties with a sequin challenge is that, as time marches on, and your sequin supply begins to dwindle, you’re forced to wear certain items that were unearthed from the depths of your closet—items you may have forgotten, or wish you could forget. We are not immune to this at the ELLE office. Case in point, the sequined "headband" that an editor tried to pass off as a skirt yesterday or the black sequin tank dress that I wore which was in fact the bridesmaid uniform for a bachelorette I attended this past summer. (I had removed the suggestive insignia and lewd pins, naturally.) I’m a firm believer in giving second-life to dresses, and even the most dazzling of sequin shifts can be made office appropriate by pairing them with the right accessories (in this case I opted for a black, embroidered blazer, opaque tights and booties). How have you transformed your sequin outfits?