Energy boost

Julia Grieve (founder and CEO),

"Lattes and yoga."


Caffeinated courage

Joyce Gunhouse & Judy Cornish, Comrags
"We drink lots of coffee – always from Wagamama on King Street," says Cornish. "The week of the show, Jimmy Moorhouse, our stylist, comes by and shows us things, but, more important, he gives us a little pep talk. Friends also know to bring us sweets, like fancy cookies. And after every fashion show we go to Lee [restaurant] drink champagne and dissect every aspect of the night: Who was there, who wasn’t, what people said, what happened backstage."

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The smell of success

Norm & Gio Gaudet, Gaudet
"Before every show, we actually schedule a OGaudet Day: We head to Lux Spa in Yorkville and have a massage, pedicure and manicure and then open a bottle of our favourite red wine," says Norm. "Believe me, after months of working non-stop, we need the rejuvenation treatment! Also, the morning of our show, we always put on Comme des Garçons 2 Silver, our favourite cologne. We save it specifically for our fashion shows. It is a blend of smells and brings us energy."


Ready to pop

Katrina Tuttle
"Because I come to Toronto from Halifax, preplanning a space where I can do alterations after model fittings is essential. This time, I found a great sewing studio on Queen West with access to machines, which cut down on my anxiety. But I don’t do songs or anything because when I put music on in the final stressful days and hours, I don¹t even hear it. So basically it’s a lot of coffee."

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Tuned in

Wesley Badanjak
, Lovas

"I get a little antsy before Fashion Week and tend to go into OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder] mode and start making lists. I don’t know why, but it helps to calm me down when I categorize all the things I need to do in a series of extremely neurotic charts. Then, on show day, I take the morning off and vegetate on my couch with trashy daytime TV. Don’t judge me: It’s usually
The View plus any entertainment thing that’s on (
eTalk) and always
Wife Swap – the U.K. version, though, which makes it more acceptable, I think! It allows me to be fresh and full of energy at showtime."

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