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Oh the blues! Squeeze in, must-have, there for you when nothing else seems to work blue jeans! This fall fashionistas everywhere can breathe once again, wide leg denim is back and they never felt better.

The connection between a fabulous fitting pair of jeans and our positive psyche has existed since denim hit the market in 1866 when none other than Levi Strauss began designing denim for cowboys and miners.

While images of Marilyn Monroe sporting tight, high waist, size 12’s and Sienna Miller strutting in ultra skinny, cigarette cut, size 2’s may give the idea that as a culture we have changed our preferences, the truth of the material matter is that denim dimensions are not your average fad… just when you think you would never wear bellbottom jeans again… poof! They’re back!

So how ever does one savvy trend setter know how to shop for the seasons to come? Joel Carman, owner of Over the Rainbow in Yorkville, Toronto has been seeing the trends circle for over 30 years.

According to Carman, when it comes to the jean factor the movement of style has come along way and believes it is at the top of its game today.

“These next generation denims have been designed with women in mind so that they can hug the body for that flattering lengthening look — but comfortable to wear at the same time,” says Carman.

This is good news for women who crave a savory silhouette.

“Fit and fabric are more important now than ever — that’s where it all begins,” adds Carman.

With premium prices for some of the more lavish labels, the fabric factor is definitely an advantage in the retail race. From specialty Japanese denim to technically treated, these jeans are running the marathon before appearing next to your last pair… which, was probably only purchased a mere, but too long of a month ago! No judgment!

To compete in the small percentage of designer denim that is actually uber successful in an over-saturated market, brands that have made it to the top must keep the thrill alive with outstanding trend toppers.

“Seven (For all Mankind) continues to be a trend leader, followed by Citizens of Humanity,” says Carman. Hudson has come up with a great trouser/wide leg, while True Religion has done great work with fabric developed.”

Tapered is not tapping out just yet, there will still be need for the snugger option come fall when your new boots need to have some tuck in action. However wide leg “trousers” are a trend to excite once again!

“A wider silhouette lends itself to lighter, flowy fabrics… these trousers appeared on couture runways in higher rises and extremely wide looks,” states Carman.

For a great fitting option, Over the Rainbow carries Paige, which includes a well developed higher rise ladies pant.

At the end of the change room chase, it all comes down to how you feel in a fit and style.

“Whether they are wide or skinny, with the right interpretation jeans can be fairly universal,” ends Carman.

Keep in mind while on the hunt for stylizing the wide leg this season that the wide leg is most flattering with a trim tailored top or jacket, as a bigger/bulkier top would add too much volume to the look. For shoes — wide leg suits both the flat and a chunky heel.

Over the Rainbow is located at 101 Yorkville, Toronto; (416) 967-7448.