Today I witnessed the first fashion wipeout at 
London Fashion Week. “We have an editor down!” gasped a horrified voice behind me. And surprisingly, the victim’s
five-inch heels weren’t to blame: she sat down on a tippy bench that wasn’t anchored to the floor. One side flew up and the poor girl went down. But, don’t worry—I’m sure the beauty of the
Temperley London show more than made up for her bruised ego (and derriere).
The 2012 autumn-winter Temperley London collection took its cues from 18
th century artwork and Slavic folklore. “I was inspired by the sumptuous colours and decadent subjects of religious paintings,” Alice Temperley wrote in her show notes. “In this fast transient world, a little decadence is like a tonic, a romantic escapism.”  I particularly loved how the recycled fur toppers, gold-stitched panelled lace on French silk and "blingy" pearl-and-sequin embroidery conjured images of Russian royalty.