Members of the stylish set were primped and ready for Day 1 at New York’s
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The spacious plaza outside the Lincoln Center was the unofficial catwalk for scenesters on the fashion prowl. Here’s who caught my
street-style eye.  

THE GIRL: June is a celebrity stylist.

HER STYLE:  She’s channelling a marching band look—perhaps a fashion nod to the Giants’ big win last Sunday.
WHY WE LOVE IT!  Creative mix of designers with a L.A.M.B. plaid suit, DSquared skater boots, Hermes bag and tasteful arm candy.  Bonus: Her posh lid! She’s ready to prance out at this week’s fashion parade.
FASHION WEEK MISSION: "I’m here to get ideas for my VH1 style show, which is launching this summer."  

THE GIRL: Toronto-born Joanna lives in New York and is a senior fashion market editor at
Harper’s Bazaar.
HER STYLE:  Upper East Side, urban, casual chic.
WHY WE LOVE IT: She’s on trend for spring/summer with her light pink fur coat, rose polka dot shirt, accessorised with
retro tortoiseshell sunglasses and her signature red lipstick.
FASHION WEEK MISSION: "I’m a regular here—I can’t wait to see my favourite designers."

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