Ganni tennis court Inspired by the lifestyles of the rich and eccentric,
Ganni presented its Spring 2015 collection on the rooftop tennis court at the
Hotel Mercur, once the private playground of infamous Danish travel industry mogul
Simon Spies. Before their show, I spoke to the husband-and-wife team behind the brand, creative director
Ditte Reffstrup and CEO
Nicolaj Reffstrup at their studio in Copenhagen. Ganni's studio is located in Copenhagen's city centre
C.H.: What was your vision for Ganni when you joined the brand in 2008? D.R.: One of our friends, a gallery owner, started the brand really just to design clothes for himself, for what he felt like wearing. It wasn’t very cohesive, so when I came on I wanted to build up a full collection with fall and spring lines.