“Bustle has been participating in Fashion Week since the launch of the Spring 2003 collections, and the growth in both the scale and polish of the event since then has been immense. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that the fashion, media, and corporate communities (all of whom are essential to the survival of designers in Canada) have taken notice of and responded positively to the hard work of the FDCC, the organization that makes Fashion Week tick.” – Shawn Hewson, Bustle

“It was a very exciting experience for us to show for the first time at L’Oréal Fashion Week. Our show was a success and the organization was very professional. We are sure that we will be back to show Canada and the world our latest collections!” – Charles & Ron

“Participating in L’Oréal Fashion Week is always a great experience. The growth of the event is seen through the exposure the shows get in different mediums, as well as the industry support it receives. It has definitely made a difference for me by increasing my status in the industry.” – Izzy Camilleri

“L’Oréal Fashion Week gives Canadian designers the means to pursue our ambitions. It also helps us to grow, giving us incredible exposure across
Canada and the United States.” – Andy Thê-Anh

“Presenting my Spring ‘07 collection at L’Oréal Fashion Week was a great way to access a truly diverse range of industry insiders and the leading national fashion and lifestyle media. The venue had great energy and we have had tremendous response!” – Joeffer Caoc

“This season of L’Oréal Fashion Week had a great energy. People seemed to be excited about Canadian fashion again. The combination of the talented people on and off the runway was incredible. Everyone involved was focused on what the mandate of these shows is all about, and that is showcasing what Canada has to offer: distinct, diverse, and different points of view.” – David Dixon

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