I’m not exactly sure what’s behind my rather sudden—and unexpected—sartorial adventure with prints and colours. We’re talking wildly patterned flowers and geometric slashes, not to mention bold corals, emerald greens, lush yellows and vibrant pinks. My nun-chic dark-hued preferences are legendary. I can wax on about the subtle shades of black with as many descriptors as the Inuit have for snow (from coal, charcoal, obsidian and onyx to soot and sable). So, what gives? Even before I accepted the “colour” challenge last week from my hue-adventurous colleagues (features editor 
Kathryn Hudson and associate editor 
Ally Dean), a subtle style shift had begun to take place. Two weeks ago, I opened my closet and felt burdened and bored by a solid wall of black. “I think I need to bring some colour into my life,” I said to my husband. “Yes, that’s a great idea. Do you want to go shopping this weekend?” he asked (a little too quickly, I might add). Every spring, designers attempt to seduce us with their colour statements. I’ve been immune to their persuasions for years, but there’s something about this season that is irresistibly cheerful and optimistic, from Prada’s whimsical car prints and 
Christopher Kanes floral appliqués to a parade of delicate
pastels in violet, peach, sea green and icy blue. Even Isabel Marant—a designer who isn’t known for her sunny sensibility—showed a weakness for lemon and coral shades.

So what else—or who else—was behind my colour conversion? Read on.