When the producers asked you to be a judge, what was your reaction? "All I really do is wear clothes. I was afraid that talking about the fit or the material was out of my league — but I was fine."

Was it tough to vote someone off? "Yes! I could feel their pain. It was just like being rejected for a job or photo shoot."

What was it like working with Iman? "I was so nervous. She’s an icon! You definitely feel her supermodel vibe."

The contestants had to design an outfit you could wear during New York Fashion Week. What advice did you have for them? "My style is Elizabethan Tudor but with a very modern spin. I love frills, long dresses, puffed sleeves and tight waistlines. I told them to go with that but bring their own vision to the design."

What was your signature style before you became a model? "I think I had two designer pieces in my closet-and they were both Calvin Klein T-shirts! My signature look was running shoes and a big fat sweater. I was pretty much a tomboy."

What are some of your favourite labels now? "I love Rag & Bone for their cool, modern look. I adore Balenciaga! Nicolas [Ghesquière] always takes risks. And I love Jean Paul Gaultier for his personality-and, of course, for his clothes."

What designers from the past would you most like to work with? "I’d work with the fashion legends, like Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior."

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