Learn how to edit your wardrobe to create a new you for the new season!

1. Try on each piece of clothing in your closet to help make the decision on what to keep and what to throw away. Be critical and leave your emotions at the door. Chances are that “cute” scarf you got in Paris will remain unworn. Keep the memory, get rid of the waste.

2. Only keep the items you would most likely purchase again if given the opportunity. This is the question you need to pose with every garment.

3. Each piece you are considering to keep must fit these 3 criteria:

a) It fits your body today. Try not to wax nostalgic on the pleated mini you wore in your mid-’20s. Those times will never come back.
b) It is still in good condition. Note: There is a big difference between worn-out and deconstructed!
c) It works for your current lifestyle. Not hitting the club scene any longer? Good, now get rid of those tall go-go boots. Seriously.

4. Go shopping! Yes, indeed. As you cleanse your wardrobe of all the things you no longer need, make a “To Shop” list. When you’re out on your next excursion, be dedicated to this list! Even if those python pumps are screaming your name …

5. Stock up on the staples if you don’t have them already. Linda’s top 3 items?

a) A versatile winter coat (for those Canadian winters) that is both warm and chic. Invest in a good quality one, you’ll wear it for years to come.
b) A pair of great-fitting jeans. They’ll never go out of style!
c) A seamless bra that fits you perfectly.

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6. You can play with the trends, just don’t go overboard. Find 1-2 great trendy pieces that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe. Accessories are always an easy addition.

7. Time to start organizing. Pull a Martha Stewart and organize your clothes by colour; you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to find that great black tank of yours that always seems to go missing. Or, organize by occasion — Black dress, career-wear, weekend-wear etc.

8. Have your accessories accessible. Linda’s trick: Attach accessories to soft flannel fabric with T-pins so that you can see all the pieces you own when getting dressed. It will prevent you from buying more accessories than you may actually need, unless that sparkly bauble from Holt’s just has your name on it, of course!

9. Use good quality hangers. Your clothes will thank-you. Wire hangers can damage th shape — and fabric — of your garments, so invest!

10. Get help from a professional. These stylists are trained to help you find clothes that will suit your lifestyle. It’s worth the investment.

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