By Christine Lau When I met
Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge, I expected larger-than-life glamazons who would tower over me like giraffes and make me feel as curvaceous as a ruler. Instead, I was surprised to find they were so
normal. Alessandra scooted over on the couch so I didn’t have to walk
all the way to the other side, and Lily touched up her lip gloss
by herself. There was no cell phone throwing at all. Here’s how it went down: I arrived at the Thompson Hotel
and was escorted to a 9th floor corner suite. I was whisked through the tall, dark door flanked by burly security guards. And there in front of me, lounging daintily in the centre of the room, were the two girls and the infamous $2 million Fantasy Bra (34B, in case you’re interested). I cozied up to chat with the Angels, who turned out to be really friendly and down-to-earth. How did I get so lucky? The models flew in by helicopter last week for the opening of the Victoria’s Secret store in the Toronto Eaton Centre

. The 142 carat, jeweled Fantasy Bra by Damiani was on a nationwide tour for the annual
VS Fashion Show

airing November 30. And guess who got to hang out with the beauties at the media preview? All 5-foot-2 (plus 4 inches of heels) of moi. Here’s the scoop on Alessandra and Lily:
What’s your definition of sexy?
A: Sexy is all about the attitude, about being confident.
What’s your favourite Victoria’s Secret bra?
A: The Fantasy Bra. You know, it’s only 2 million dollars. I could wear it every day! Right now my favourite is the Swarovski crystal
Miraculous bra, that adds two cup sizes. When you put it on, your boyfriend’s gonna be like ‘Wow!’.
How many bras do you own?
A: Who knows! I’ve been collecting Victoria’s Secret bras for 10 years. I definitely own every style bra that Victoria’s Secret has, and every colour from white to black, and every different fabric, so…definitely more than a few hundred.
What’s it like backstage at a Victoria’s Secret show?
A: It’s like a huge party. There’s so much energy and people and press, and we’re trying to do makeup and hair and people are asking us questions all the time. All the girls are together having fun and we all have these crazy huge outfits. The music is always super alive, so we’re always dancing backstage and we can’t wait to get out on the runway. It’s the best show you could be at backstage.
What is one thing you learned from working for Victoria’s Secret that you would pass onto your daughter?
A: Being confident in your own skin. We’re all different shapes and sizes, but there’s always something unique about each of us. We all have something special. Everybody does.
What’s the secret to feeling comfortable in your own skin?
A: For me it’s to just have a great attitude. I love to be confident. I love to have energy to enjoy my life. And of course a great piece of lingerie makes me feel pretty good. Or a swimsuit. I just love to be in a swimsuit. When I feel good, I feel like myself.
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