Shop everywhere.
Andreatta and her team are discerning shoppers, but definitely don’t discriminate. The key is to mix high and low – and don’t forget about vintage! “You can go everywhere from consignment stores and vintage houses to [designer labels] like Isabel Marant,” says Andreatta about where she uncovers finds for the cast’s covetable closets.

Find a tailor. Don’t let her/him go.
It’s all about proportion. “You have to know your own body and how things fit,” explains Andreatta. Since you may not be an expert on the perfect fit, you need a talented seamstress who is. You can have your pants taken in at the waist, the hem shortened on a pencil skirt and darting added to a sweater. If you ask Andreatta, there are virtually no limits to what can be altered.

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Start small.
Building a dream closet like Rachel’s takes time. But, stocking up on classics can instantly upgrade your work wardrobe. Here are the pieces that Andreatta suggests getting started with: a black pencil skirt; a simple black or white dress with a quarter-length or bracelet-length sleeve; a white blouse; a beautiful necklace; and a good pair of heels.

Mix and match.
Invest in good quality basic pieces and then mix it up with the rest of your wardrobe. You don’t have to be afraid of trends, you just need to be smart. Here’s Andreatta’s advice: “If you have beautifully tailored investment pieces, like skirts and shoes then it’s easier to throw more trendy pieces with them or just add a classic white shirt with a beautiful necklace. You can create [great] looks if you have the right base.”


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