Ever click through a celebrity photo gallery and gasp at some of the red carpet choices? Us too. Ill-fitting dresses, garish prints, hideous hair, a brazen indifference to undergarments — one wonders exactly what these celebrities see when they peer into their gilded mirrors. Ellecanada.com zeroes in on five celebrities whose personal style catapults them right to the top of our What Was She Thinking?! list.

Lady Gaga
To me, the American performer’s name implies one of two things. Either, a) she fancies herself so attractive as to make men quite literally go gaga, or b) she drew her inspiration from the cooing noises often murmured to chubby-cheeked infants. I’m going to go with the latter as that explains why she almost always opts out of wearing pants. Like a newborn, Lady Gaga yearns for the freedom only afforded by pantslessness, allowing for quick leotard changes because God forbid she should be wearing her day leotard at night. Unlike a conventional pairing of, say, jeans and a t-shirt, which can be dressed up or down with accessories, a leotard really is occasion-specific. A pinstripe leotard really does scream “office wear!”, while sequins and a trompe l’oeil bowtie very clearly make for a formal leotard. To mix up the two would just be tacky.
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bad-style-taylor-momsen.jpgTaylor Momsen
Good morning, World Wide Webbers. Looks like Little Taylor Momsen is trying to assert her rebellious individuality and rocker chick alter ego with a feathered hairstyle inspired by 1980s Canadian New Wave band Platinum Blonde. But rumour has it this was a double-dare thrown down by B who wanted to ensure that she would be the only starlet photographed on the red carpet. Poor LTM, now she’s relegated to matching her clothes to her hair which ends up looking like she tore through Avril Lavigne’s Good Will garbage bags. That ought to teach her to try to outshine the Queen B. Who knows what else she’ll cook up as that millennial mullet starts to grow out? Until then… xoxo, ElleCanada.com.
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bad-style-lisa.jpg Lisa Rinna
What does an aging actress who hasn’t participated in anything of note in almost a decade do to try to stay relevant, or in her case, photographable? Elevate the leopard print to an art form. There was a time when animal prints were considered the height of fashion; that was 15 years ago. Now they are the prints of choice for mail order brides, Miami bubbes, ironic rock stars and Long Island housewives. But apparently Lisa Rinna is determined to keep them alive, so to speak. Despite a 12-year happy marriage to Harry Hamlin, Rinna’s attire suggests she’s always on the prowl for fresh meat. Well, suggests is a discreet word. She seems to be one red carpet away from actually penciling whiskers across her face. You know, just in case we don’t get that she’s a cougar.
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bad-style-lindsay.jpg Lindsay Lohan
If Lady Gaga is the Donald Duck of pantslessness, then LiLo is perpetually channeling the spirit of the Hochtaler lady. (Remember her? She did that whole tuxedo sans bottoms look in the legendary 1980s wine commercial.) LiLo has had her share of troubles, surely. Some may even feel for the young starlet who lost herself when she was thrust into the limelight at an impressionable age with no guidance from a responsible guardian. But there comes a time when everyone should own up to their mistakes. And LiLo’s leggings-in-perpetuity look is starting to get old and one might imagine, a bit drafty. Be they opaque, printed, sequined or coloured, leggings were always meant to be worn under something else. And ripped t-shirts don’t count. So let’s all band together in a twitter intervention and tweet LiLo into some skirts or dresses or heck, even cut offs. Because when you hit rock bottom, up is the only direction left.
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Even Diane Kruger makes mistakes. Take a look on the next page …
Diane Kruger

I know, I know. You’re thinking: “What?! She’s gorgeous and her bf is Pacey!” I couldn’t agree more. But there’s staying true to your innate Euro couture tendencies and there’s, as the Brits would say, taking the piss. While The Krug usually rocks kickin’ couture on the red carpet, mostly in the vein of Chanel (we are not worthy!), sometimes it seems as though she wears really outrageous concoctions just to see if she can get away with it. And I’m here to say that she can’t! Despite her eternally hot and in-season Pacey purse, a kicky bow tie on a sleeveless white tuxedo shirt is not something we can get on board with. You’re not actually Karl Lagerfeld, man. Also, sometimes her high fashion choices make her look like a multi-tiered wedding cake. Which is weird, ‘cause she looks hungry.

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