So far, the premieres and press events surrounding Suicide Squad have rewarded us with some unexpected, memorable and downright quirky looks. Today’s European premiere of the gifted us with more OTT fashion to chew on. Let’s get to it:



Margot Robbie

We know Margot’s got a thing for Gucci, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the star in a gown emblazoned with a roaring tiger. Margot was wise to keep the rest of the look sleek, letting the plethora of flora and fauna to run wild. 



Cara Delevingne 

This might be our favourite of the three looks. So far, Cara stuck to a very specific, slightly sinister look on this press tour with aplomb. This sheer Alexander McQueen number complete with custom bedazzled leather jacket and thigh-high boots is biker-meets-ballerina and we dig it. 



Jared Leto

And now, this. Jared Leto’s look was described here at EC HQ as something straight from Willy Wonka’s closet. The clashing colours (at least he matches the carpet?) and white socks (??) of this Gucci look are nothing if not memorable.