What advice do you have about making good decisions?
“I do think you have to give yourself room for trial and error. In the beginning, I wasn’t making the right decisions all the time; I would pick partnerships that were short term and not look at the long term. There’s a confidence that comes with making the right decision and sticking with your opinion. [In business] if you can just find what you love and make that appealing to other people, you will find a happy medium and start to create your own voice.”

Do you have a five-year plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow?
“I try to get a preliminary plan of what my goals are and what I would like to do, but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. The bottom line is that you have to do the work. There’s no easy way out of any situation. You just have to be dedicated. The most successful people really do put the time in.”

Where did that drive come from?
“My mom would wake us up at 7 a.m. every day – even on the weekends and during the summer, when you want to sleep in or hang out with your friends. She would be like, ‘Get up, make your bed, start your day; you can’t be lazy, you can’t sleep in. There’s always something you girls can be doing. Go for a walk. Clean your room.’ Now I so appreciate the drive and the work ethic.”

How do you deal with drama?
“I remember being at a shoot once and getting all these text messages; I wanted to cry, but I’d just had my hair and makeup done. You just have to shut off and enjoy the experience – live in the moment and not connect with the drama. You should stay away from anything that tries to derail you from your focus.”

What’s a sign that you need a reality check?
“Someone gave me advice about fame that can apply to anyone. If you read too much about yourself on the Internet and it’s negative, you’ll start believing it and act a different way. But if you’re reading all these great things about yourself, you can get full of yourself and lose [touch with] reality. If you’re in a work environment where people are gossipy and [stopping] you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you need a reality check to stay away from the gossip.”

How do you stay motivated?
“I think everyone can make excuses. I’m not an excuses kind of person. I’m a workaholic and I love feeling active and busy and I like feeling accomplished. That’s definitely a specific personality – I just really like to get [things] done.”

You’ve given your sisters advice about being professional. Did someone give you a similar talk when you were starting out?
“I learned professionalism from my mom. I saw how much people really enjoyed talking to her and hanging out with her and doing business with her. I have a lot of friends in the business and I would hear them talk about other people and how they would never work with a certain person again because they were so difficult on-set or they were so this and that. My reputation has been that I’m really easy to work with, so I really want my little sisters to have known and feel the same thing because I think it’s so important. You want to be someone that people want to work with – in the modelling world especially. I’m not a tall, thin model; if they’re going to work with me, they’ll want to work with me more if it’s an easy experience.”

Is North one of your muses?
“North is one of my actual fashion muses, not just for the line but for my own style. She loves to dress up. We do costumes in the morning – she can pick her costumes and pyjamas, but when we go out she’s not really picky about what she wears so I dress her for that. I couldn’t have had a more girlie girl for a daughter.”

How did Kardashian Kids come about?
“Having a baby line was super organic for Kourtney and me, and Khloe is really real about it. She loves to buy baby clothes, so she knows what would be cute and appealing to her. People take dressing their kids so seriously these days, which is so cute and fun to watch, so the line has really evolved from when it started.”

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