From May 21 to June 21, we welcome the season of the Gemini.

Translated from the Latin word for ‘twin’, this air sign is aptly symbolized by its celestial twin constellation, so, to some, Gemini season is synonymous with sibling season. In fashion, there’s just something about a well-dressed family that cultivates obsession. Though we admire the familial fashions of the Gucci’s, Versace’s and the Prada’s, a sisterly sense of style is unparalleled. Enter: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Born on June 13, these iconic twins have prospered in the fashion industry with their modern minimalist dressing and their contemporary luxury label, The Row. The duality of sisters in the spotlight gives admirers the power of choice: are you a Mary Kate or Ashley? While stylists must find themselves both pleased and spoiled with an extra body to embellish.

Since the Olsens (long may they reign) set the tone, a new era of sibling style has emerged. No doubt the Kardashians, Jenners and Hadids have ruled the sister scene—but the next generation is already on the rise. In the spirit of the season, we’ve rounded up five of fashion’s most sartorially savvy sisters of the moment below.



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Co-signed by Versace in a social media campaign earlier this year, pop star Dua Lipa and her 21-year-old sister Rina have Y2K fashion on lock. Blurring the lines between 2002 and 2022, Future Nostalgia singer Dua taps into fashions of the past with her vividly colourful wardrobe packed with the miniest of skirts and butterfly bra tops. When on tour, the Versace muse opts for custom catsuits (bedazzled or brightly coloured) with opera length gloves to match. Following in her older sister’s footsteps, emerging actress and model Rina’s style profile is reminiscent of a doll we know and love with a passion for fashion from the early 2000s. “I would say it’s like if you’d see it on a Bratz doll, I’d totally wear it,” she tells Numéro Netherlands on her early aughts revival style.



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Daughters of American comedian Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann, sisters Maude and Iris Apatow were practically made for the spotlight—and the red carpet too. Despite this duo’s shared hereditary passion for acting, they’ve each got their own individual approach to dressing. Partial to an elegant Saint Laurent or Miu Miu ensemble and a glamorous pair of gloves, Euphoria star Maude embodies a timeless beauty, accessorizing most red carpet looks with an old Hollywood red lip. Meanwhile, her younger sister’s aesthetic lands at the crossroads of cottagecore and Y2K aesthetics. Favouring fairy-like florals, puffed sleeves, sweet strawberry prints and the colour pink, a recent feature in Rodarte’s romantic FW22 campaign seems apt for teenage Iris.



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Born two years apart, singing sister duo Chloë and Halle Bailey (who go by stage name Chloë x Halle) may not be twins but there is a likeness to their bold looks that feels stylishly synchronized in a Sister, Sister sort of sense. Harmoniously coordinated if not matching, Beyoncé’s young proteges find common fashion ground via complementary colours of vibrant hues, contrasting cuts and  experimental textiles. Styled together in a Louis Vuitton campaign last year, this sibling package deal proves to be a designer’s dream.


Essentially the second coming of Paris and Nicky Hilton in brunette, Devon and Sydney Carlson are the Instagram it-girls to know. Co-founders of the wildly popular phone accessory brand, Wildflower Cases, catch these two levelling up their Y2K getups with cases they designed themselves. Consider Devon’s Instagram a virtual fashion diary of an early 2000s socialite balancing luxury pieces with vintage finds—including but not limited to micro bags, baby tees and cellphone charms. Sister Syd, the slightly edgier Carlson with a too-cool-to-care youngest sibling attitude, expresses her style with electric neons, graphic eye makeup and risque cutouts. Collaborating with ritzy fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Versace, the Carlsons have successfully crossed over from influencer territory to high fashion.




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Though you may know the ‘Ferragni’ name from Chiara Ferragni and her Forbes listed fashion blog The Blonde Salad, younger sisters Francesca and Valentina have made it a fashion family affair as their own individual followings have grown exponentially. Amassing over 30 million Instagram followers, this Italian sister trio has built a Ferragni empire with a reality TV show,  a clothing label, a jewellery brand and a couple of cute heirs to carry on the legacy later down the line. Livening up our feeds with colourful Mediterranean street style and Italian pride partnerships a la Versace and Prada, these blonde bombshells are a force in fashion to be reckoned with.