Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt is on a whirlwind tour of Toronto to launch the brand’s new Easy bra. Between media appearances and photo ops, the model barely had time to grab ice cream, but she did make time to chat with us about her go-to pair of jeans and dish on the biggesr fitness junkies on the VS squad.  

Is there anything you want to do while you’re in Toronto?

“I did hear about an ice cream spot that I really want to try, Sweet Jesus. I don’t have much time but I want to try it out.”

And you’re signing autographs later today. Is there something that girls always ask you when they meet you?

“A lot of them say  ‘I can’t believe it’s you!’ which I think is really cute and flattering. They all just really want a picture or a Snapchat. I probably get that more than anything, even Instagram. They ask ‘Can I Snapchat you?’ and I’m like, ‘Sure!’”

So are you team Snapchat then, or are you abandoning Snapchat for Instagram Stories?

“I’ll be diplomatic on this one and say I’ll do both. I’ll have to pull a famous reality star move and have two phones. “

What about your style, what are your off-duty staples?

“Right now, my go-tos are a pair of Frame denim skinny jeans that I love. And Paige denim. I love these little Chanel strappy sandals that have a short, chunky heel. They work with everything. And I have a Saint Laurent blazer that I wear all the time. And of course the Easy bra from Victoria’s Secret because it works with every outfit.”

And what about for fancier occasions?

“I just picked out a red Mugler dress that I haven’t worn yet, but I’m really excited to wear it. It’s looks really good with this bra too. You’ll see it very soon!”

Do you share a bond with the other Victoria’s Secre Angels?

“Definitely. We’re all under the same amount of pressure, and we all shoot and travel together. So it’s very crucial for us to be there for one another. I love working out with the girls, I prefer to work out with them rather than by myself. They motivate me more and it’s just more fun. It gets your mind off the pain when you have all of your girlfriends with you.”

So who is the biggest fitness cheerleader in the group?

“I would say Jasmine [Tookes] for sure, and Elsa Hosk.”

So what was it like when you found out you were going to be an Angel?

“I was freaking out. I couldn’t tell anyone for a while, so that was tough. I told close family members but it was all very secret. The fact that I worked hard and became an Angel, it’s mind blowing.  And I’ve been in a group text with the girls from that moment, pretty much.”

And that’s still going?

“Yep, it’s alive and well!”