Can you describe the process or creating dresses for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau? Were these both custom dresses?

"Both dresses that were chosen by Mrs. Grégoire-Trudeau were from our Spring/Summer 2016 collection. She was really wonderful to work with and very easy. She chose looks from the line and we did one very efficient fitting. She knew exactly the silhouettes and the colors that would be appropriate for the occasion. They aren’t custom dresses, you don’t need custom to be gorgeous."

What was it like designing these dresses? How did you approach them differently from what you typically design?

"These dresses were the product of my foray into a form of mixed-media. I took a beautiful Japanese triacetate and appliqued hand-painted silk flowers to create a juxtaposition of the 2D/3D effect. Spring/Summer 2016 was all about bold color and prints for Lucian Matis."


What does this mean for you and your work? And for Canadian designers gaining international recognition?

"I feel like we represented not just the Lucian Matis brand, but rather the Canadian fashion industry as a whole. The entire experience was a team effort between several designers to make Canada proud on such a magnificent occasion and showcase the talent that our Country possesses."

 Why do you think Sophie chose these two dresses? Are you surprised she opted for something so bright for the dinner?

"I think the bright colours go very well with her personality. She’s absolutely wonderful in-person and truly happy. The red dress is all about the hand painted orchids over the red crepe. The three-quarter sleeve length combined with the crew neck and the knee length cut come together as a strong a power outfit. She stood out very well in the crowd."

"As for the purple dress, we found that it had the sophistication in the cut needed for the White House Dinner with the fashionable edge for which Sophie is quickly becoming known."

What was your first thought when you saw Sophie wearing your gown for the State Dinner?

"At first I didn’t realize what a big event this was. I think partly because the whole process was so smooth and efficient. Then I quickly became very nervous yet excited at the same time. This was such a large international platform which only added a bit more stress. In the end though, I think Canada has really come together and delivered."


What makes these dresses so unique?

"These two dresses are a great example of some of the design features that combine to form the appeal of the Lucian Matis dress."

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