Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Most Memorable Outfits

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It’s never a dull fashion moment with these two. 

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    Perhaps this year's most talked about relationship, it's hard to keep up with what exactly is going on with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. What we do know, however, is that their individual styles (streetwear-meets-gym wear and off-duty model) together give a new meaning to the couple outfit. 

    Take a look at their most memorable street style moments below. 
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    The chic way to reverse match with your significant other. 
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    Justin commits to the maximalist sweatsuit look. 
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    You didn't need to be in the front row to spot these smiles during New York Fashion Week. 
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    Bright colours are perfect for a stroll through the city. 
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    The couple keeps their love of athleisure going strong. 
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    The athleisure continues...
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    Coordinating in black for a quick coffee run. 
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    A colourful ensemble courtesy of Justin's shirt (which has literally every colour). 
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    Add a pair of statement sunglasses to a casual outfit for instant drama. 
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    The colour co-ordination here is subtle but it works. 
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    Try on Hailey's oversized moto jacket and sneakers combo for a cool, grunge vibe this season. 
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    A must-have for couples everywhere this fall — the classic colour co-ordinated look. 
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    The three Cs: comfy, casual and coffee. 
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    This pose is already cute but Hailey's scrunchie takes it to another level of adorable.  
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    Forgot your shoes? That's what hotel slippers are for, apparently. 
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