Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s appearance on the CAFAs red carpet on Friday night proved to be another unforgettable moment for Canadian fashion. This time, Madame Grégoire-Trudeau donned an unexpected stunner: a caped, embellished jumpsuit by Toronto-based designer Mikael D. Canada’s “First Lady” presented the Fashion Impact Award to designer Laura Siegel. We asked Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau about her own impactful role in Canadian fashion. Here’s what she had to say.

How does it feel to be an ambassador for Canadian fashion talent on the global stage?

“I’ve never seen myself as an ambassador, but I will take that on with such honour and privilege. It feels so right. I have to admit, I didn’t always know the pool of talent that we have here. There was an element of surprise, and an element of amazement. It’s an honour to serve Canadians and to wear Canadian talent. Everything that is coming from the artistic and creative community is just unbelievable. Let’s celebrate it as much as we can!”

What are the special and unique elements that Canadians designers bring to fashion?

“We’re such a good community. I saw it happen for me [during the White House visit]. Canadian designers are willing to collaborate together and that was surprising and great. It produces great results, or at least I hope that’s the case with what I wore in Washington. Together we can grow and let this light shine that’s being created here.”

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