It’s no secret that model casting calls have been replaced by carefully curated Instagram feeds. And Tech brands have taken notice. Samsung has enlisted 18-year old model, Bella Hadid, as their fall lookbook cover star for the newly launched Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus. A beautiful and bold melding of high fashion and tech, lensed by celebrity photographer Steven Klein. All-around cool girl and west coast transplant, Bella is the perfect star for the Korean tech giant’s new campaign. Moving to New York to pursue a photography degree at Parsons The New York School for Design, she understands the importance of a camera phone that can capture a compelling photo.

We sat down with her to talk about family support, style and the secret to a perfect selfie.

We know you’re a pro in front of and behind the camera, which do you prefer and why?

I’ve always loved being behind the camera, it’s really cool being in front of the camera now. With being behind the camera now, I get to know all the angles and lighting and with this phone (Galaxy S6 edge Plus) I get to be behind the camera without being behind the camera. Which is nice because when you’re out with your friends it’s hard to toy around and take really great photos. With the easy access to the camera it kinda makes it work.

What’s the key to a perfect selfie?

Definitely lighting. I think you miss opportunities sometimes, so again the easy access to the camera is really cool. There is a lot of really nice effects, with the skin smoothing on this phone. But again, lighting is a big thing.

What role does social media play into casting a model these days?

I think that social media is such a huge role in the industry these days.. I mean it’s really rare that people go to castings anymore. They just go to Instagram, people are made through Instagram sometimes. I think being able to show your personality through photos is really incredible.

If you could trade closets with one of your friends who would it be?
Jesse Jo Stark, my best friend. I don’t even have to think about that.

How come?
She just has the coolest clothing, I mean her family owns Chrome Hearts. She has a style that’s really rare and people try to copy that style all the time. She has vintage shirts but also goes straight to designer stuff you’d never be able to find.

How important is the support of your family when it comes to your career?
The support of my family is huge for me. We all support each other. Going back to technology again, I can swipe (phone) and be in direct contact with my family and friends. I’m always talking to my mom and always calling my sister. It’s nice to have easy contact to them.

Instagram has played a major part in your career. As your following has grown have you been at all self conscious about what you post?
Absolutely, I think everyone is very self conscious about, you know, everything from life to posting social media anything. People are going to be mean, so I just kinda post what I want to post. I post three times a day or once a week, you know it doesn’t really matter to me. People are kinda mean, so having a great camera kinda just shows everything cool about knowing yourself and showing your personality is a really big thing to me.

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