If you’re not following Chris Horan on Instagram—you should be. The Los Angeles-based stylist has been working in the industry for over a decade, and has racked up a client list including some of our favourite celebrities like Charli XCX, Barbie Ferreira and Hari Nef. In lieu of festival season coming back, we chatted with Horan about the Pandora Oasis about putting together a look, accessories vs. fashion and his top tips for an iconic festival look.

Festival season is officially here. How does it feel to finally feel to be back after over two years?

It’s crazy that it’s back and to be honest it’s been even longer for me- the last time I was at Coachella was for the epic Beyoncé performance. Not gonna lie— this year, the first two hours I was at the festival I was so overwhelmed and overstimulated. But once I zoned out and focused on the performances, I had the best time.

I know celebrities including Barbie Ferreira and Charli XCX are some of your clients—how collaborative is the process to put together a look?

It’s always super collaborative. At the end of the day, it’s their look and therefore it has to be authentic to themselves. We share tons of images back and forth with each other- or do FaceTime.


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I’ve noticed a lot of your clients don’t go super heavy on jewellery—is that intentional?

I wouldn’t say I don’t go heavy on jewelry. I would say I usually choose either [to] focus on a jewel story and keep the clothing more muted or have a more statement look and let the accessories be clean.

How would you accessorize a simple festival outfit? What about a super bold, patterned outfit?  

For a simple outfit I would probably do some sort of stack of necklaces. I love playing with length and thickness. I personally like doing a more playful or chunky shorter length necklace with a simple longer pendant layered beneath it. For a bold patterned look, I think you can’t overdo rings. I would be more simple up top and either choose a simple hoop or small chain.

How much accessorizing is too much accessorizing?

For me, I never want anything to look overly styled so I’m always thinking about what elements aren’t adding anything. What’s distracting? That’s usually how I edit down.

What are your top 3 tips to ensure you have a top-tier festive look?  

1. Be comfortable. No look is worth eight hours of being in the heat, miserable.

2. Make sure you feel confident- and not just in one pose. You don’t want your second guessing [or] insecurities taking you away from the music.

3. As cheesy as it sounds- make sure it’s authentic. We’re fed so many trends “cores” – don’t force yourself into something because you feel like the internet told you to do it.

What are some of your favourite Pandora pieces to style with clients?

I love the [Square Sparkle Halo Necklace] – it’s the little solitaire diamond looking one. I layer it under everything. I also love any of the Pandora ME link chains- I always end up choosing the [Happy Mini Dangle] charm every time, too.

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