I caught up with Alessandra Ambrosio on the rooftop of the China Club, a members-only spot in Berlin. We both just got back from the Marc Cain spring/summer 2017 fashion show during Berlin Fashion Week, though you could hardly spot the model through the mass of photographers and the lightning-like flashes of cameras. Ambrosio told me this is a “mother-daughter trip,” and a moment later I spotted her daughter Anja Louise running around the party with Milla Jovovich’s daughter, Ever. While we chatted on a balcony looking over the grand Alexanderplatz, Ambrosio shared that a game of “Truth or Dare” is all in a day’s work. 

What did you think of the Marc Cain show? 

“I loved the caftans and the white dresses, and I also loved all the colours. The show was very sensual, very feminine. Everything looked a little bit Italian, a little bit Sicilian – I love that.”

Has your own style changed a lot over the years?

“Definitely. I think it’s an age thing. I used to wear these little tops and show my belly. Now I’m a mom and I dress a bit more conservative, but I still love the bohemian look.”

Where do you stand on the idea of “uniform dressing”

“I like to change it up. I’ll wear something more fun for Paris fashion week, but something more practical and easy during the day.”

What made you laugh recently?

“My daughter. She just cracks me up all the time. Even on the way to the show in the back of the car she was playing Truth or Dare with me and my publicist. We’re all playing along.”

Did she give you and fun dares?

“Yeah, she dared us to throw our phones in the trash!”

I assume you didn’t do it? 


Of course, how would you Instagram? Speaking of Instagram, how do you keep it real on social media?

“It’s just about the moment, I try to be myself, not anybody else. I share a little bit of my life and I’m not trying to do anything else.”

What’s your fitness routine like right now?

“Right now I’m just running after my daughter. When I’m at home I love to do yoga, it’s my favourite. I’ve also been doing a lot of barre classes. It’s very feminine, you don’t use any weights, and it’s all about your body. It reminds me of my childhood ballet classes.”

Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed? 

“Overdressed. Back in the day I would have said underdressed but now I’ve learned it’s better to be overdressed.”