“Modelling was very different in the ’80s and ’90s, Christie, Naomi, Cindy, me, Linda and I were not relying on social media, and it wasn’t as transient as it is today. There’s some beautiful girls [in the modeling world ]right now, I wonder what advantage will they take of their notoriety and how they will be able grow and maintain longevity. You may have social media as a platform but it’s just a platform. There needs to be something driving that, like discipline, commitment, creativity and the ability to think outside of the box.”

“I’ve been trying to find my sense of self since I was young. I’m Australian, and we have that pioneer spirit and we look to find a deeper meaning in things. We look below the surface and we are adventurous and curious. I think Canadians are a bit that way as well.”

“I believe we create our future, we create our reality and we create the life we have – all the good things and the bad things. And it’s really up to us to command our life and do what we love and love what we do. I focus on the things that are important to me and ignore the things that are not. That’s something I’ve done not so consciously when I was younger and more consciously as I’ve matured.”

“When I look back at my life there have been so many iconic moments. Getting photographed with Princess Diana on the steps of the Opera House, my arc episode in Friends, my very first cover, which was ELLE, my first Sports Illustrated cover, my last Sports Illustrated cover. And more recently, walking for Louis Vuitton in Paris. Building my businesses. These were all turning poings in my life and I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve had so many of them.”

“Remaining curious and inspired and excited is important. I don’t get complacent and I’m always energized to explore. I’m more careful about the choices I make today because I don’t like to be just busy; I like productive and purposeful actions. Now, I do less with more intention.”

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